On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, parents of elementary students (Gr. K-5) will meet with their children in their classrooms to discuss the learning development of their child.

All parents and students are expected to attend – it is a time to communicate to you what your child has been learning. Each teacher will have prepared a program to help your child demonstrate to you their progress and learning development.

We will have groups of parents and students meeting at the same time in separate corners of the classroom. Each conference will last 30 minutes. Teachers will be in the classroom to observe and supervise only.

Please plan for childcare for siblings who are not school-aged (0-5). These siblings cannot be in the classroom when your child is doing the student-led conference.

For school-age siblings waiting during conferences, additional supervision will be provided in the library and big gym – please pick up your children promptly once your conferences have finished. Children may not stay longer to play or read.

PLEASE NOTE: On Wednesday, February 25th, there will be NO classes for students all day.

Preschool classes will run as normal.

Sign Up Link: Student Led Conferences February 25, 2015

Access Code: rcs2015