“The NED Show is coming to our school on Wednesday, October 5, from 1:45pm – 2:30 pm. The performer presents 3 main themes: Never Give Up, Encourage Others, and Do Your Best. The performer will share stories, magic tricks, humour and yo-yo tricks to promote positive attitudes and encourage students and adults to do their best every day.

The assembly is of no cost to our school, but they do sell yo-yos and yo-yo tools for 5 days after the assembly. The proceeds from the sale of these items send this assembly to the next school. It is a “Pay-It-Forward Sale”.

Students and parents are under no obligation to purchase yo-yos. If you would like to purchase any of the items, they will be available to you from October 5th after school through October 14th. The table will be open after school for you or your child to make purchases.
Please see the attachment for more information about The NED Show, the resources for you to access at home to help your child, and the products that will be available for purchases.

Download the Flyer:  NED SHOW FLYER

Thank you,
Mrs. Cathie Schneck
Vice Principal