The Biblical Perspectives department is designed to nurture and challenge students in their faith. Teaming with the home and the church, the RCS Biblical Perspectives department seeks to prepare students for a life-long journey with and for Jesus Christ. With that perspective in mind, our course offerings and teaching methods hope to reflect the nature of God- creative, lively, relational, active, accessible, Spirit-led, and rooted in Truth, in order to enable students to reflect the likeness of Christ for His kingdom.  In view of this goal, the Biblical Perspectives Department offers a variety of courses to provide sound biblical teaching, foster deeper understanding and connection with Christ, and to equip students to serve and engage a modern society.

Graduation Requirements Statement

To graduate from RCS, students must take Biblical Perspectives 10, one Biblical Perspectives 11 course and one Biblical Perspectives 12 course.


Biblical Perspectives 9

Description: In Grade 9, we ensure that all students learn basic theological principles in order to provide a foundation for higher-level Biblical Perspectives courses. Students will learn to confidently share the message of the Gospel and explain its transformational power, as well as identify elements of the Gospel Story in popular culture.  Additionally, students will engage in activities to help them understand that Jesus was God and identify practical ways that they can begin to take ownership of their faith.

Biblical Perspectives 10

Graduation Requirement: Biblical Perspectives 10

Description: Through the Apologetics 1 course, students will have opportunity to tackle 5 of life’s biggest questions and equip them to confidently discuss their faith. Additionally, this course offers tools to help students make wise decisions, through an in-depth study of Wisdom Literature from Scripture and different cultures.  Finally, this course introduces spiritual disciplines in depth and begins to open up new means to connect with God in their own quiet time- and this year we focus on the medium of prayer.

Biblical Perspectives 11

Graduation Requirement: Biblical Perspectives 11

Description: This course explores the intersections between Christianity and culture. Students will contrast popular culture with the counter-cultural mission and message of Jesus Christ through the Sermon on the Mount and learn practical tools to apply these teachings to their lives. Additionally, students will consider, “Who is my neighbour?” and be introduced to different worldviews and religious perspectives, learning to dialogue respectfully with those of differing beliefs. Finally, students will study “Healthy Relationships” and learn and practice Scriptural principles for dealing with different relationships.

Biblical Perspectives 12

Graduation Requirement: Biblical Perspectives 12

Description: In their final Biblical Perspectives course at RCS, our goal is to equip students to be able to take practical steps to live out the life of a Christ-follower; know firmly what they believe and why; and be able to comfortably and confidently engage in discussions about controversial issues.  This course will provide students opportunity to practice their faith, learn their theology, and give them tools to have difficult conversations.

Worship Leadership 11

Prerequisite: Application and Interview

Graduation Requirement: Biblical Perspectives 11 or 12

Description: In this course, students will learn foundational concepts of planning, organizing and executing weekly chapel worship gatherings, through a mixture of classroom theory, practical, hands-on experience, and mentorship from the senior Worship Leadership 12 students. It is expected that students will become skilled at engaging in and deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ through the historic spiritual disciplines, essential worship gathering set-up, curating, engagement, and review.

Recommendations: This course is for students who consider themselves followers of Jesus, are willing to intentionally take their own time to grow in their faith, and who are able to serve our community musically or provide audio/video support.

Additional Information: The Worship Leadership 11 Application form is due on March 11th at 8:30am and the interview and audition will be scheduled.

Worship Leadership 12

Prerequisite: Worship Leadership 11 and endorsement of Worship Leadership 11 teacher

Graduation Requirement: Biblical Perspectives 12

Description: In this course, students will move from learner to mentor, teaching and mentoring Worship Leadership 11 students on foundational concepts of planning, organizing and executing weekly chapel worship gatherings. Students will be challenged to model a life of faith and obedience to God through teaching spiritual disciplines, praying for peers, modeling a Christ-centered life. Students will take lead roles in weekly worship experiences (planning and executing) and will delegate roles and responsibilities. Students will continue to engage in and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through the historic spiritual disciplines, essential worship gathering set-up, curating, engagement, and review.