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About RCS Online Services

Similarly to other Districts and Independent Schools in British Columbia, Richmond Christian School provides students in Grades K – 12 with a variety of online services, which are managed by the school, to help support the educational programs being delivered at RCS.

Many of these educational services host and store our student data on their servers which are located outside of Canada.  While stored outside of Canada, information in your child’s online school accounts may be subject to the laws of foreign jurisdictions including, in the United States and the USA Patriot Act.  British Columbia Privacy legislation requires that we inform you of this and obtain your consent to this arrangement.

Questions about privacy and security are always paramount as we create, store, connect and interact online.  British Columbia law states that we (RCS) need parent or guardian consent for students to use these services.  You are acknowledging that the digital content your son or daughter creates while using an online service provided by the school, will be stored on online servers, and adheres to the security and privacy terms and conditions of that service provider.  We are confident that the majority of data created and stored on online services will be of educational design and less of personal information.  Much of the created and stored data will be homework, essays, assignments and collaborative documents. With any cloud-based or online service, there is a level of trust one must take when it comes to knowing the created and saved data is safe and secure. Online providers like Microsoft, Edmodo, MSM etc. take privacy and security very seriously and Richmond Christian School is confident that the created and stored date is indeed safe.

If you have any questions or. concerns about the online services used at Richmond Christian School, please contact our Vice-Principal of ICT, Mr. Yik Penner.

Microsoft Office 365 (Used in Grades 6 to 12)

Office 365 allows students to create reports and presentations with the latest versions of  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.  Office 365 allows for easy, real-time collaboration, with the ability to work with classmates online and to see each other’s collaborative changes in real-time.

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Microsoft Office 365

Seesaw (Used in Grades K to 5)

Seesaw is a digital platform that helps teachers and students share classroom activities and assessment while encouraging student creativity and reflection. It promotes communication and collaboration between students, teachers, and parents and utilizes multiple media methods to share learning.

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Essential Skills (Used in Grades 1 to 3)

Essential Skills is an early learning teaching software for teaching of reading, spelling, phonics grammar and math.  Essential Skills educational software has been used in schools for more than a decade. There are over 20,000 schools using the program to motivate students and individualize instruction.

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Essential Skills

IXL Math (Used in Grades 9 to 12)

IXL approaches each math topic in every way possible— offering an unmatched abundance of word problems, visual representations, interactive activities and more. Students encounter everything from typed responses and multiple-choice questions to our innovative draw-your-own graphing problems. IXL’s approach to learning keeps students excited about math and, more importantly, ensures that students retain all of the skills they master throughout the year.  On IXL, students get a special kind of motivation from knowing that math is useful. IXL is infused at every level with real-world math problems that make your students’ minds come alive. IXL’s math problems make students think, make them see how math really does fit into the every day. From bargain-shopping to navigation, from telling time to making predictions, students will love getting to apply their math skills to real-life scenarios.

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IXL Math