Richmond Christian Early Learning is located at the Elementary Campus. We offer a play based program that is built around the interests and ideas of the children. Our desire is to nurture curious, creative and compassionate children who know that God Made Me, God Loves Me and Jesus Saves Me. Children are encouraged to ask questions, experiment, make mistakes, and be active participants in their learning. Our Christian teachers are licensed Early Childhood Educators who create an environment of love and belonging. We value each child as a unique gift from God, full of potential, and created in His image. 

At this time, our Early Learning program is at full capacity and we are no longer accepting inquiries.

View our Early Learning Communication Brochure.

Monday to Thursday: 8:10am -2:35pm
Friday: 9:00am-2:35pm

The fee is $1300 per month before the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI).
Estimated cost to families is $755 per month.

Early Learning Admissions is at Full Capacity for 2024-25.

For any Early Learning Admissions questions, please contact Mrs. Beverly Pang, Admissions Coordinator:

Admissions Office
Elementary Campus
5240 Woodwards Road
Richmond, BC V7E 1H1
T. 604-272-5720

Admissions Office Hours
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
8am – 2:30pm

Interested in Richmond Christian Early Learning?

Do these statements describe your family? 

  • I/we accept the Bible as the infallible Word of God.
  • At least one parent in this family is a born-again/professing Christian.
  • Our family is actively involved in a Bible-based Christian church.
  • Our family desires a distinctively Biblical Christian Education and is committed to working with other families in “training up our children in the way they should go.”
  • Our family is prepared to financially commit itself to the costs of operating the Richmond Christian School.
  • All children in our family, during their time of attendance, will reside with at least one Christian parent or legal guardian.
  • We, the parents and the children who desire to enroll, are Canadian Citizens, have Permanent Resident Status or are living here on a valid work or study permit.