RCS Plan Against Bullying

RCS is an environment where students are encouraged to engage and interact with one another in positive and effective ways. Interactions can result in misunderstandings, poor decisions and problematic behaviours that require attention and reconciliation. 

Bullying is defined as a repeated, deliberate action that relies on an imbalance of power. There can be many different kinds of bullying that involves physical harm or threat, name calling, leaving someone out, spreading rumours, or coercion to force someone do something against their will directly or indirectly through social or technological ways. Parents and teachers play an important role in advocating for students and for the school to respond and help in a supportive manner. 

All situations are taken seriously, and in partnership with parents, students, and staff RCS will be assertive to create a safe environment for all students. 

Have you seen or heard something that concerns you? Is someone or something bothering you or your friends at school?

The erase|Report It tool lets you send a secure, anonymous and confidential message to your school or safe school coordinator, who will follow up on it right away. You do not have to provide your name unless you want to.

Messages are only monitored during your school’s operational hours. If this is an emergency please call 911 immediately.

erase = expect respect & a safe education

erase is all about building safe and caring school communities. This includes empowering students, parents, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.