Mrs. Neufeld

Mr. James Sijpheer
Richmond Christian School


Thank you for taking a few moments to read through our website and explore the RCS community. Maybe you are here exploring our website for the first time wondering if RCS is a good fit for your family, or maybe you are an existing family searching for more information. 

We are a community that strives to equip all students to joyfully serve Christ in all aspects of their lives. We consider it a great privilege to have the opportunity to build relationships with your children and know them personally. 


RCS is not just a place to send your kids, it is a calling. God has brought every single student and staff to be part of RCS. There will be obstacles, challenges and problems to overcome, but when we are called, there also will also be celebrations, accomplishments and joy! 


RCS is first and foremost a school. We are called to provide a “quality, Christ-centered education.” As an Independent School, we are committed and obliged to follow the curriculum of the BC Ministry of Education. However, we possess the freedom and great privilege to teach this curriculum from a Christian worldview. We serve the Lord Jesus Christ as the head of our school, and as we teach and serve, we have the incredible privilege of inviting students into God’s story. We get to help them know more about Him, about who he has called and created them to be, and to live joy-filled lives as part of that story. We are teaching hearts just as much as we are teaching minds.

In addition to integrating Christian worldview into all areas of the curriculum and school life, we have developed a wide range of programs that support, challenge, and encourage our students as they develop their abilities, grow in faith, and learn to live rightly in community. We seek to provide a supportive environment where students can grow into who God has called and created them to be and they may have a transformative impact His world. 


Living in Community means more than just showing up at school every day or dropping off students. It is my hope that you will feel like the RCS community is an extension of your family. This is a community that will pray for each other, support each other, and honor each other. As a community, we also have fun together through events such as the “Back to School BBQ,” Christmas concerts, musicals, athletics and many others. Our community is stronger when we take time to be together to celebrate all our students and their accomplishments. 

The history of RCS is deep, and as we celebrate over 65 years, we continually give thanks for all those who have come before us that enabled Christian education to thrive in Richmond.  

We wish you the best on your family’s educational journey. 

James Sijpheer