Richmond Christian School is controlled and operated by the Richmond Christian School Association. This Association is made up by parents and guardians of children attending the school who provide input in the decision making process that defines school’s policies, direction and future plans through membership.

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors is elected by the association’s members. The Board exists as a corporate body and therefore individual directors have no power. Board Directors provide vision, direction, determine school policies, hiring of teachers and staff and establish a sound financial plan for operating the school. Some Board members will also act as chairs of committees who oversee various aspects of the school’s operation. These committees elicit help from staff, parents and guardians who become our “eyes and ears.”

Board Nominations

Nominations are requested for candidates to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors of the Richmond Christian School Association. Any two members in good standing may nominate candidates for the Board by completing this Board Nomination Form.

At the committee level, we have the following committees:

  • Elementary Campus Community Council
  • Middle Campus Community Council
  • Secondary Campus Community Council
  • Employee Relations Committee
  • Finance Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Tuition Assistance Committee

We encourage participation at the board and committee level. We are individuals with various backgrounds and cultures but with the same heart and mind: serving our school community for the glory of our Lord Jesus!